We build it better!

We are a world class manufacturing unit with Indian ingenuity, Our  well-established   production   techniques   and   good   engineering  practices  make  the  difference  at  SATRAC®. Our experienced work men and trained welders are supervised by   qualified   and   experienced   engineers.  SATRAC's® production line boasts of a high level of automation. Our world class   machines   include   Plasma   Cutters,   Robotic   SAW Welders, High Capacity CNC Shears and Press Brakes, CNC Rollers, Manipulators, etc. Our efficient & lean manufacturing systems ensure that we have shorter delivery cycles and your vehicles are on the road faster.

A well-defined comprehensive inspection method is followed at all stages, including Material Inward, Chassis, Full Body, Aggregate   Assembly,   Pre-Painting,   Final   Inspection   and Testing  Levels. 

As  the  design  progresses,  the  product  is developed   with   rigour,   as   per   stringent   specifications, continual improvements & value-additions, ensuring that it is extremely  reliable  with  very  low  maintenance.  Strength, durability and performance of our products are the key results of our well renowned production system.