Going that extra mile!

The blazing sun, the blowing wind, the pouring rain, dust, smoke, saline environment… trucks and trailers have to  weather  it  all.  At  SATRAC®,  we understand  how  all  this  has  a  telling effect on the life of the vehicle. Just the reason   why   we   have   Grit-blasted Surfaces conforming to SAE Standards and superior surface treatment/ painting with high Dry Film Thickness (DFT) to prevent   corrosion   and   enhance   the longevity of the product. SATRAC®  has  well-equipped  painting facilities   managed   by   professional painters.  


High   adhesion   paints   and primers   are   procured   from   reputed manufacturers.Optionally, we also offer Zinc   galvanizing/powder   coating   of entire  structure  on  specific  requests. Keeping in mind your brand philosophy, we   offer   colour   co-ordination   and standardisation for your fleet of vehicles.