Product designing at SATRAC® begins with a fine understanding of customer requirements. The well defined design process comprises concept development, ideation, product design, analysis, refinement, prototype   development   using   the   latest   CAD/CAM   technology including FEM analysis and Stress/ Strain measurements. We perform computer  analysis  on  chassis  frame,  body  and  components  to implement any changes which may be required. We cut calculation time   and   shorten   testing   and   development   cycles   without compromising on actual performance.


One Size does not fit all, an exclusive approach to the task on hand with dedicated engineers with expertise in each transport vertical helps us in optimizing cargo transport. We ensure optimum design and reliable performance throughout the product life cycle.Our systematic durability tests and updating system ensures that we are continually improving.

Correspondingly we guide you on Central Motor Vehicles Regulations (CMVR) Act and its bye-laws so that the final product adheres to the regulations.


With your margins under pressure with higher fuel and operation costs, our  clear  focus  is  on  weight reduction without compromising  on performance. We ensure that your truck/trailer has a higher payload and less unladen weight (ULW) making your business more profitable. Individual vehicles or complete supply chain systems, trust SATRAC® for the winning solution.